Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Communication

It's really
No, she said,
I was tired.
I mentioned
a buddy.
He was dead.
We wanted
to talk
about something
else. But
there was
nothing else there.
You, person.
You, you want
to mention
an amplifier
that is vibrating
your dorm room.
Instead a past
haunts college!

Thursday, April 18, 2013


A person has a day.
They move with that day.
That day begins, that day ends.
They see other people who
also have days.
It's an endless stream of days.
The day stream tugs forward,
pulling loose branches
into the currant. O, now
we are all sliding toward
something flow-y.
I wanted to tell
you about the flowers.
Not the ones that I can name,
but the weird ones I can't.
I want to tell you about
the day, but only a person
has a day.
Trees? No day.
Horses? Days, but not
with the thoughts people have.
Horse thoughts can
create days, too, but
I'm not talking about that
kind of day, that sort
of horse-day. No,
I'm snorting a different
sort of apple. Not an apple day,
a day a person grows.