Friday, April 5, 2013

A Very Old Man with Enormous Wallace Stevens

There is no gold in the places
that there should be gold. It's confusing.
Imagine it like this: when you're looking
for gold in the places you think gold
should be, there is no gold.
Where to look for gold when
gold is not where you're looking?
A place. That's it. So then
that begins too. A place. You
think about it more. A place. A place.
You think more about a place.

There is not a gem you can hold
in your hands. You're hands are gone,
dude. There is a not a name
in your throat nor a frog. Nor a
place to ice fish. There is not a place
to ice fish! There is no place to ice fish!
Consider those bluebirds. Consider
that particular kettle. Get closer to
answering a type of meal. There
is no meal where you look for the
meal. No meal. Where you look
you find no meal. What you find
is no meal.
Dog poem boy
Dog poem boy
Dog poem boy

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