Monday, April 8, 2013

An American Way

I have noticed women who
have become distracted by violence
and men who want guns so much
that they think of guitars.

Guitars that don't reverberate
with folk traditions,
but guitars that cut people
into perforated piping,
into rags slapped over knee holes.

These men and women
feel the warmth of the sun
like other men and women,
and Neanderthals.

It was so punk rock
to skewer mammoth,
to suck on mammoth marrow,

It was so adored that we all adored it.

But, it's a new age. Listen:

What you hear is the sound of what
you hear. I can't help with that bullshit.

What I know is that the new maps
match the old maps,
not perfectly,
but with such flair that I'm tempted
to declare a truce.

Try hard.
See what happens.

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