Monday, April 15, 2013

Personal Responsibility

A person makes a commitment, or not,
and fulfills it, or not.

A person owns and operates a firearm,
or they do not.

It's hard to tell in most cases.
Some people make assurances.

Some people make reassurances.
Some promise to do something
but then don't follow through.

It's frustrating. A person doesn't have
to be a politician to discuss issues
relevant to the public discourse, but
it makes that discussion more

Things get even more lively
when a philosopher embarks
on explaining bus schedules.

O humanity, the endlessness!

Still, there is you and your loved one
huddled beneath a single wooden
and brick structure, or separated
by miles of separation.

You must deal with this.
Only you can address it.

Trust me, there is no hidden camera.
No one will laugh or comment on
anything that happens, but

So, you have to know!
Stop interviewing the neighborhood
and stare down into
your wavy bathroom mirror.

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